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Content Marketing Secrets To Boost Your Online Presence |DMC

A marketing category based on sharing content for a specific online audience is known as content marketing. This form of marketing is an efficient channel for getting recognized on the internet.

A few marketing strategies have been explained in this article to help you create a marketing plan for yourself and implement it. 

Why Is Content Marketing Important? 

  • Content Marketing generates 3 times more leads compared to traditional outbound marketing and costs 62% less.
  • 54% of businesses are to increase their content marketing budgets in the following year.
  • The most successful content marketers dedicate 40% of their budget towards content marketing.

These statistics prove that top companies keep content marketing as one of their top priorities. This can only be true if content marketing can give very profitable results in terms of digital recognizability. 

Best Content Marketing Practices to Boost Your Online Presence

We have prepared a list of things that you can do to get an increased online presence and make your content reach a wider audience. It is given below.

SEO is the most crucial factor regarding the level of online presence of your business. There are various methods to improve SEO. Here we are going to describe some of the most important ones briefly. 

  • Keyword Research is the first step. Search for keywords that are relevant to your content. Limit the list of potential keywords that you can use. After that, you have to determine which one of those keywords has an adequate amount of search volume and the least competition. Adjust such keywords in your writing naturally.
  • Your content should have a proper Content Format. This means you should effectively use headings and subheadings to make it easier to read and access. 
  • Meta tags and Descriptions of your site should be well thought out. They should be compelling and relevant to your content so that users get intrigued by them.
  • Add Images to your content to make it more visually appealing. 

There are numberless other aspects of SEO as well, but we can’t cover all of them here. You can learn more about SEO by clicking here.

Originality and uniqueness are key features for making recognizable content online. If you make original content that isn’t identical to any already published content, then your online presence can experience a boost. 

However, in spite of all your efforts to stay unique, you might sometimes commit plagiarism. This type of plagiarism can be,

  • Accidental Plagiarism 
  • Unintentional Plagiarism
  • Self-Plagiarism

These are types of plagiarism in which you unknowingly write something unoriginal. In order to avoid this, you should check for plagiarism tools. They can help you make sure that your content doesn’t contain any duplicate content. 

Here is what an ideal plagiarism tool report looks like:

  • Use Effective Social Media Marketing Mediums

After publishing a piece of content, you have to make sure that you promote it through the right channels. Knowing which platform to use for marketing depends largely on the nature of your audience.

For instance, if your content has a formal audience, then you can use platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter for marketing. On the other hand, if your target audience consists of younger people, then apps like Facebook and Instagram might prove more fruitful in terms of increasing online presence.

Content Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Online Presence |DMC

  • Make Use of Paid Advertisements

Paid advertisements can be of many types. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Social Media Ads
  • Retargeting
  • Video Ads

These modes of marketing can prove very useful. For example, search engine marketing is a marketing method in which you can pay to rank in the top spots in search results. Moreover, you only get billed if someone clicks on your ad. 

Similarly, social media ads can also attract a lot of potential customers. The same goes for video ads. The good thing about these ads is that they are shown to an interested audience. So, the likelihood of them visiting your content and making a purchase is very high. 

All these marketing channels can funnel an increased amount of traffic to your site and, as a result, impact the level of your digital presence.

Content Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Online Presence |DMC

Inbound links or backlinks are the links on other websites that lead to one of your web pages. These are excellent sources of traffic and can be very useful in creating a powerful online presence.

Here are some methods to get such links to get a larger audience for your content:

  1. Incorporate linkable information in your content, such as graphs and case studies. Such data is more likely to be referenced in other articles.  
  2. Write guest posts in which you can link your content in a natural and non-promotional way.
  3. Broken link building is also another effective way of getting backlinks.

The audience you get from such mediums can help search engines gauge your content’s quality. If the search engine decides that your content provides value to the user, then it will rank your content higher. This will automatically improve your virtual presence.

Content Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Online Presence |DMC

  • Become a Part of Listings

Being a part of listings means giving your information so that your business can show up if someone searches for it. The most common applications of listings are improving Local SEO and recognition. These can show information like,

  • Address
  • Live location
  • Phone Number
  • Social Media Links

Local listings can be a huge source of traffic both online and in real life. So, it is safe to say that they can considerably spread more awareness about your business or brand. 

Content Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Online Presence |DMC

  • Keep Track of Your Progress

All of the above-mentioned strategies will help you improve your content awareness. In order to stay motivated, you should keep track of these improvements. An online study tells us that only 22% of marketers have data-driven initiatives that help them achieve excellent results.

This study is somewhat a worrisome piece of information, as measuring your progress is an essential step. 

An effective way of doing this is by creating a success measuring calendar. In this calendar, you can mark a specific time by which you expect to hit a certain milestone. If, by this time, you reach that milestone, then you can move forward with your marketing plan. However, if you don’t see desirable results, then it means something went wrong.

So, in this way, measuring your success can also help you stay aware of your setbacks. Not getting the expected results can help you determine the flawed areas of your marketing strategy. Once you understand this, you can fix them. Such a flawless plan can help you effectively market your product and services and get a strong online presence.

Content Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Online Presence |DMC


The main point of digital marketing is to build a recognizable reputation in the online market. Utilizing content to do so is one of the most common ways. If you create content that solves the problems of your target audience and use the correct methods to market it, then you can achieve your goal of having an impactful internet presence.

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