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10 Engaging Social Media Video Trends To Watch In 2023

Social media is now soaring high, with more than 3.6 billion users worldwide. That said, visual content building up social media like images, GIFs, and videos is seeing a huge number of shares, views, and engagement. In that case, social media videos are drawing more eyeballs than any other content format.

That’s because average users spend up to 2 hours daily watching online videos. As per the recent report from Cisco, by 2022, almost 82% of all web traffic will be videos. This indicates how visual content is excellent when it comes to grabbing the attention of viewers across the globe. 

The report also says that the total number of mobile phone users that use their devices for watching online videos will reach 6 billion in 2022. The best part about this data is that about 90% said they watch social videos frequently.

Let’s go through this video trends article…

Why Should You Care About Social Media Videos

Businesses will always find a way to improve their revenue. Through the many things they have tried, video marketing is the most popular and engaging tactic used to attract visitors, build brand awareness, increase sales, and drive high volumes of organic traffic.

Here are why social media videos are the best option when it comes to increasing businesses’ performance in the online world.

Attention grabber

Videos make the greatest attention grabber. It can be said that a person’s attention span is now shorter, which spans around 8 seconds only. This makes videos the best option to build engagement and trust quickly. That’s because videos offer compelling visuals the moment people click the play button. And compared to written content, users will take time to get engaged with the content as they need to read and absorb the whole information, which often leaves them bored in the very first place.  


Videos are considered empathy as they emotionally connect with the viewers and help brands build a unique relationship with them over time through storytelling. With videos, brands can convey messages through unique and touching visualization that supports their messages. That’s why videos have become the first option when it comes to delivering warm content to the audience. 

Reach wider audience

Social media has been seen as a powerful tool for promoting businesses as well as products given its wide outreach across various major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

Not to mention over 3.6 billion people in the world own social media handles, meaning that this massive number of users will access more online content like images and videos. What’s more, visual content is now reaching other areas, including social communities and the marketplace; both are connected with social media. That said, such video content will reach more people and a bigger audience across the globe.

10 Video Trends That Will Dominate Social Media in 2023

1. Interactive Videos

Interactive videos allow users to make and take decisions which could prove beneficial for businesses that want to increase customer engagement and drive conversions on social media channels via user-generated content (UGC).

People love watching videos when they are involved in their making. People want to be part of the action. That’s why social channels like Facebook have started adding interactive features to live-streaming videos by allowing users to react in real time with emoji smileys or geolocation tags. Marketers should utilize this feature to host a live stream event for their target audience on Facebook Live, for example.

2. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is gaining momentum among marketers because it provides useful information in an interactive and engaging way. AR streamlines content consumption as it enhances the real-world experience of users. Marketers need to create imaginative videos that blend well with their target audience’s environment.

What’s more, AR is now highly implemented on eCommerce platforms to help internet users make purchase decisions easily. With AR videos, they can choose any item they wish to buy without physically being at the store as the technology enables them to collect real-time data in a detailed yet interesting way. 

3. Short Videos

Since social media has become an essential thing for businesses these days, companies need to produce video content that the social platform can host smoothly. In that case, short videos are not merely an option but rather a must for brands to keep up with the audience.

The thing about short videos is that it fits the social channel as most platforms only allow short-form videos under two minutes. This is meant to engage the audience right off the bat as more content is available on the platform, urging users to either skip the video or watch it until the end. 

4. 360-degree Videos

360˚ video has gained huge popularity because it provides viewers with a completely immersive viewing experience if done well (like shots from helicopters). Also, using 360˚ videos makes the brands even look more professional because it needs effort and resources to produce this form of video. 

Moreover, 360˚ videos are highly entertaining and engaging simply because they are not easy to produce. But when done correctly, the video shots offer something special that viewers can never be bored to watch. That’s why marketers should utilize these formats for promoting e-commerce products or services via social media channels.

5. Live Videos and Stories

Live streaming videos will be mainstream in 2022; social media users are already shifting their focus to live videos because it provides a great way to share authentic experiences with friends. 

This form of video content is a huge trend that marketers should consider if their target audience engages with videos on social media. 

Even social media channels like Facebook recently revamped their live-video platform in order to increase the time users watch live videos by sending them push alerts when it detects they are interested in watching such videos. Therefore, marketers need to create engaging content for this format to get the maximum audience engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

6. Personalized Videos

Personalized videos are programmed to react based on the response of the users. This type of video needs a lot of research because brands need to know what the audience really wants. 

The thing is that once brands finally understand that people want to see such videos after a series of promotions, for example, they can acquire more customers to make a purchase of the product. It would be interesting to see how marketers incorporate this feature to increase customer engagement and drive conversions for their products/services.

7. Commercial Videos

Brands tend to incorporate a promotional message in their videos which can put off some viewers if done poorly, but it could also prove to be useful for businesses who wish to make quick sales from social media channels. 

The key to success in creating commercial videos is to deliver a warm message that understands the customer’s pain points instead of telling them to buy your products. If brands can make content that’s heart-touching and create beautiful stories about their customers’ problems, people would love watching the video without being pushed to make a purchase later on.  

Nike with heartwarming stories has already won so many people that even you would love to watch the brand’s video voluntarily. That’s why marketers should focus on delivering stories and creating engaging content that subtly promotes their business without appearing too promotional.

8. Meme-infused Videos

The year 2022 will see an increase in the popularity of meme-infused videos that are humorous or satirical. They are usually created for entertainment purposes, but marketers should consider this format to generate humor and brand awareness among their target audience.

After all, memes have become such an integral part of internet culture, which is something brands shouldn’t miss. So, why don’t brands try something new by producing videos inspired by popular memes on the internet? This would help them generate traffic because everyone loves funny content.

9. Vlogs 

Vlogging has become very popular among Millennials and Generation Z. They often share their vlogs on social media channels simply because making these forms of videos is rather easy and exciting. 

Brands can level up their marketing game by producing the same vlogs in the view of companies. People, especially younger generations, will love this type of video content because it represents their culture. So, if brands want to stay relevant, they need to create engaging videos for this format to increase awareness about their products/services among younger internet users who frequently use social media.

10. User-generated Video Content

Social media users create user-generated video content for promotional purposes, but marketers should consider utilizing this format to showcase their products/services in a more relatable manner instead of using highly professionalized videos. 

Telling your audience to post video content on behalf of your companies, like tagging your brands and using your hashtag campaigns, will excite them as it means you value your customers. You can then share these user-generated videos to the business social account to show that you appreciate their effort and loyalty in using your products, for example.

Best Social Media Platform to Post Your Videos 

The best social media platform to post your video content on depends on the video’s target audience. Vloggers and YouTubers usually upload their videos directly onto YouTube, while businesses can use Facebook or Instagram to drive traffic toward a website or e-commerce store. Here are some examples of commonly used social media platforms for business. 

1. YouTube

YouTube is the second-largest site in the world. It is the best social media platform to post your videos on because it has over 2 billion active users. Many visit YouTube for professional video content like music videos, tutorials, etc. It also allows you to engage with your audience through comments which can be beneficial if you wish to receive instantaneous feedback about your content.

2. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media site in the world, with almost 3 billion monthly active users as of 2012. The site has an auto-play feature that kicks into action when people come across a shared video link on their News Feeds, which increases brand awareness among users. Marketers can utilize this feature by creating engaging video content for Facebook to gain visibility.

3. Instagram

Instagram is the third-largest social media platform globally. It has increased its video content to 1 minute and 15 seconds, a great feature for marketers who wish to create engaging videos. Instagram’s Explore page allows users to view video content from around the world – marketers can use this opportunity to increase brand awareness by uploading stunning videos.

4. Twitter

Twitter is the fourth-largest social media site with 330 million monthly active users as of 2022. It directly competes with Facebook because it allows you to advertise your business effectively through video ads. Marketers can utilize Twitter to improve their user engagement rates by uploading engaging videos that resonate well with their target audience.

5. TikTok

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform in the world, with 1 billion monthly active users as of 2022. Creators on TikTok upload short video clips that last no more than 10 seconds, and they often incorporate memes into their videos to create light-hearted content that resonates well with Millennial and Generation Z audiences. Marketers should capitalize on this format to target younger generations who like humorous or relatable content because it can drive brand awareness among a large group of potential customers.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat is another popular social media site for Millennials which has 347 million daily active users as of 2022. It uses a unique business model where marketers must pay certain influencers directly to post sponsored content on their own Stories without going through a centralized Facebook/Twitter-esque system! Marketers should consider utilizing this model to reach a large group of Millennial users who frequently use the app every day.

Wrapping Up

Social media and videos are becoming even more interlinked in 2022 than in previous years. Video is a highly engaging medium that marketers should utilize in order to grow their brands in this era of digitalization. That’s because the number of internet users consuming video content is extremely high, and if you still don’t use video marketing for your business, you sure will lose from the competition. 

Brands with lots of followers on social media or those that just started out can benefit from creating videos for social media channels. Marketers are able to increase awareness about their business and urge new audiences to become loyal customers in the future. 

If you want to know more about social media platforms and how videos go well on each channel, check out this infographic below. 

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